CLB Journal

Fire Department uses Water Barn

The Rainwater Collection Barn for Community Fire Suppression mentioned in previous posts recently received its first visit from the Johnson City Volunteer Fire Department. Investigators believe that a brush fire was intentionally ignited across the Pedernales River from us that required much of the JCVFD fleet to suppress. Instead of driving the tanker truck back into Johnson City to re-fill, they filled up at our water barn right across the highway from the fire. Using the pumps on the tanker truck, JCVFD personnel were able to fill the three thousand gallon tanker truck in less than fifteen minutes. The driver mentioned that their access to our water barn saved them roughly twenty-five minutes on their re-filling task. We enter this information into a log book that tabulates the time-savings benefit per year that our rainwater tank provides the local volunteer fire department.

The picture below was taken with my cell phone at dusk, so the image quality is really poor.

Converting old barns into rainwater collection systems for community fire suppression is an easy project for landowners that can provide significant regional benefits. Remember...five hundred and fifty gallons of water per thousand square feet of roof space per one inch of rain.