CLB Journal

Summer 2013

Wildfire Insurance for Landowners

I have recently learned about a complimentary service offered through our insurance company that provides us with an additional level of protection in the case of a wildfire on the Browning Ranch. The service is intended to monitor, alert, and protect policyholder's structures through on-site hazard assessment and on-site assistance from certified wildfire firefighters. If a wildfire were to approach the ranch, the insurance company would dispatch Wildfire Defense Systems, Inc. to our location. Their methods for protecting the structure include the use of temporary water lines around the home to saturate the area, and the removal of mobile combustibles such as firewood piles, dead plant material, and fuel sources. As a last resort, they will spray the structure with a gel-barrier that protects the home and afterwards, is easily washed off.

Our insurance company offers this complementary service to 141 of the 254 counties in Texas. I encourage Texas landowners in wildfire-prone areas to determine if their insurance companies offer a similar service, and to enroll as soon as possible. As we all learned from the Labor Day 2011 fires in central Texas, wildfires move very fast in our area, and we could all use all of the help we can get.